AKE Security

AKE’s approach to security is unique. We strive to develop tailored and integrated security solutions for our clients.  We work with them to support their immediate requirements, however large or small, with the aim of developing an awareness of security that, over the long term, leads to greater operational efficiency and reduced overall risk.

Our approach is intelligence-led and built upon detailed, insightful analysis of all potential and probable risks which, coupled with an understanding of each client’s ethos and requirements, enables us to devise a targeted and highly effective strategy.

Our view is that security must be seen as a fundamental business function and as well as contributing to a reduced risk, it should contribute to more effective business, thereby enhancing the bottom line. With this approach security becomes much more than a cost centre.

From the design and implementation of security policy and procedures to the support of clients on the ground in the most remote and hostile environments, AKE has had unrivalled success. For over 20 years AKE has practised and developed support for its clients globally, with no situation too difficult or any problem insurmountable. AKE has developed its own leading approach to crisis management based on experience in resolving situations too difficult for others.