AKE is an acknowledged market leader in the field of hostile environment and medical training. We delivered our first Surviving Hostile Regions course in 1993, since which time AKE's training has become the benchmark for many industries. AKE stands as a leader in the provision of risk mitigation training.

Our industry-leading courses are designed specifically for teams and individuals travelling to or working in challenging and sometimes hostile environments. All of our courses are designed with the client's aims in mind and show the participants how to reduce risks, increase their effectiveness and maximise control of any situation they're in. Through highly focused training, participants gain the skills and the confidence to deal with the most arduous of circumstances.

Our training courses are delivered in a blend of lectures, discussion groups, workshops and practical role-playing scenarios, supported by video footage and demonstration materials. All are led by highly experienced, former Special Forces operatives. The programmes are progressive and interactive, many culminating in a series of challenging and realistic training exercises, where you put what you've learned into practice.

The provision of targeted and relevant training to personnel and contractors not only helps to protect them in challenging environments fulfilling duty of care, legal and contractual requirements, but ultimately, also increases competitiveness, staff confidence and moral while reducing staff turnover and contributing to improved profitability.