AKE Group

AKE is an acknowledged world leader in the field of international risk mitigation providing a variety of fully integrated services. AKE distinguishes itself from other security services companies by taking a proactive, intelligence-led approach to assessing, monitoring, training for and protecting against risk in all its forms. We assist clients in reducing their exposure to danger across a broad spectrum of risks and thus in delivering an advantage.

AKE’s approach to security is unique. We strive to develop tailored and integrated security solutions for our clients.  We work with them to support their immediate requirements, however large or small, with the aim of developing an awareness of security that, over the long term, leads to greater operational efficiency and reduced overall risk.

Our approach is built upon detailed, insightful analysis of all potential and probable risks which, coupled with an understanding of each client’s ethos and requirements, enables us to devise a targeted and highly effective strategy.

"Our objective is always to assist clients in protecting the integrity of their operation in order to maximise potential."