About AKE


Founded in 1991, AKE is a client-focused risk mitigation company, providing a variety of fully integrated services.

AKE ‘Surviving Hostile Regions' courses were the first courses specifically designed for professionals working in hostile and challenging environments and, since its inception in 1993, it has become the benchmark for many industries preparing their personnel for deployment overseas.

AKE's experience and reputation within the insurance industry and particularly the Lloyd's market, has seen AKE clients benefit from preferential insurance terms across a range of security solutions.

AKE has considerable experience within the insurance industry, particularly the Lloyd’s market, where it has provided clients with unrivalled political risk and security consultancy.

The company’s longevity and considerable experience in support of a diverse client base enables us to transfer valuable lessons learned and wealth of knowledge across industry sectors.



AKE prides itself on acting with the highest levels of integrity at all times. We respect our clients – their operations, staff and confidentiality – as well as our employees, partners and local contacts. We strive to deliver solutions of the highest possible quality wherever we operate.

Our aim is to assist the client in protecting the integrity of their operation, in order to maximise potential. For us, an understanding and appreciation of risk is crucial for the entire organisation as it impacts upon every element of the business and its activities.

We have practiced corporate social responsibility globally over 25 years of operational experience. We have proven that a positive and interactive relationship the local community is tantamount to success and can provide an additional layer of security.

Our guiding principles are:

  • The unrelenting pursuit of excellent
  • The highest standards of self-discipline
  • Working together as a team
  • Humour and humility

View our code of conduct here.